Saturday, August 8

Shiny Happy...Lamps! (...holding hands...)

Stray Dog Elisabeth Glass Lamp: I love, love, love
the blue and green, and especially the glass base!
Murray Feiss Geo Table Lamp: almost like sculpture
or jewelry- and funky...
Regina Andrew Bird Bath Lamp: not sure I could pull it off,
but soooo cute.
Stray Dog Esme Glass Lamp:
love the clear tear drop base and green shade.
Stray Dog Frosty Glass Lamp: lovely multicolor base,
with the all important blue and green!
Stray Dog Jenny Lynn Lamp: just love this base pattern, reminiscent of Marimekko...
Stray Dog Elle Glass Lamp: dare I mention,
calling all Lilly Pulitzer Lovers!!!
Stray Dog Sara Table Lamp... just one more with the birds... like the all white feature here.

Which one is your favorite?
Do you have a favorite lamp at your house?
Maybe one with a a fun story? What is your favorite reading lamp/reading spot?

My mom has an *oversized* Tiffany style hanging light fixture,
beautiful multi-colored glass; she hung it in the family room
and it was my favorite reading spot for a long time.

*pictures from Macy's...where the lamps are on sale at the moment!

For more color, tropics, and architecture,
don't miss the South Beach neighborhood pics,
and the Coral Gables neighborhood pics. :)


  1. Hi, Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog, I Love the all white bird lamp, my favourite lamp at home is a 1920's pink glass base one that my grandma gave me, Have a great Sunday, x

  2. Ooo I think I'd like the birdbath one, though I liked some others too :)

    Thanks for dropping by too,

  3. I love love love that first one! I saw it somewhere and have remembered it ever since!

    Thanks for reminding me!


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