Thursday, August 6

South Beach Summer Strollin'

Yes, there is a little shade in South Beach this summer...
hope you enjoyed the stroll through my neighborhood...
the lovely pink hibiscus greeted me
first thing
when I stepped outside one morning recently...

so beautiful!

Hope you enjoyed the art deco and tropics as much as we do!
It is quite a place to thrive...

What are *your secrets* to thriving this summer?


  1. I've NEVER been to Florida. You made it a MUST now! Looks so tropical and colorful....a place I'd love! (Although not sure I'd love the heat...I'm from Minnesota and I think it gets hot and muggy HERE!)

    Thanks for commenting on House of Turquoise! I'm so happy to hear it makes you smile! :)

  2. Great pictures, fantastic blue skies ... I am in the Middle East and although it is 45 degrees today there is not a patch of blue sky!

  3. Thanks for the stroll..., it's one of my favorite things to do -strolling through neighborhoods (for real and virtually).

  4. Sorry that was the wrong profile (again)!

  5. Love, love looking at homes and neighborhoods! And South Beach makes me smile... Mr. Fix-It (and 5 of our closest college friends) went there for Spring Break our senior yr in college... over 9 yrs ago!!!!

  6. FLA can be pretty can't it? I forget living in Tampa. It's not the most tropical city, ah ha.


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