Thursday, August 20

Some niceties from Sur La Table

How lovely is this pink rubber covered toaster? No more fingerprints!

Cute eye rescue!

Here's a bright way to pour your beverages...

and a little something sweet: French sugar sticks...ooh la la

I have really loved Mr. Wonderful's introducing me to the French Press

And how cute is this espresso machine???

This one would be a nice one for the office

and for your happy hour...lovely little vino glasses

and last but not least, dessert! You can use your chocolate breaking fork
to do some serious deconstruction...

What would make your life a little sweeter?

images from sur la table


  1. ooh la la! j'aime sur la table. this is random, but i would love a new can opener that is smooth. my current one makes me feel like I have arthritis.

  2. love the toaster...i wanted a shiny toaster forever...until i got one...hate the fingerprints :)
    so glad you came for a visit...and i love the name of your blog
    happy friday


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