Saturday, August 22

"That's Criminal," my dentist said...

I've been a little worried about a little boy I love.

On his visit recently, we gave him his first plum. We gave him his first peach. We gave him his first mango, and he lives in South Florida, where they grow like apples. His little sister is crazy about the blueberries we give her. We told him there were pits inside the peach and plum, and he could eat the skin...He loved them.

He is eight, entering third grade next week. He has been raised on a lot of candy and soda...but he knows we don't allow soda when he is with us.

I was at my dentist last week, telling him how I was worried about the soda and lack of fruit, etc. the adults in his life give this kid. "Who are these people?" he asked. "How are you related to this kid?"

"They're a little... well....dysfunctional."

"That's not dysfunctional," he immediately said. "That's CRIMINAL."

"It's all chemicals, and nothing...Fucking soda," he said, disgusted. It wasn't just the dentist in him talking, but the human, who wanted my nephew, who he has never met, (and everyone) to have the good stuff. The real stuff.

Later we had a chat with our little friend and told him to think about what the school gave him to drink..."chocolate milk, strawberry milk, milk."

"They don't give you soda, right?"
"No," he said.
"Because it's not good for you, and they wouldn't be allowed to do that."

He had to go lie down for a while after taking that in...paradigm shifts are exhausting.

I have turned into an "annoying" adult. It's because I LOVE this kid and I am concerned about his well being and future.

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  1. The crap people feed their kids is disgusting. It's irresponsible. I know some kids are picky eaters, but kids learn to like the foods they are given. I was brought up eating healthy, and I have loved veggies and fruit as a little girl.


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