Saturday, October 10

Bliss-full deals!

My all time favorite Bliss product---Vanilla and Bergamot--great scrub texture, just absolutely vanilla scrub-blissful!
Just picked up for 12.99, thank you TJ Maxx!
Blood Orange--how gourmet-spa-licious of you, Bliss!

Also 9.99, thank you TJ Maxx... love the warming part of this product...
High Thigh Scrub...with circulation stimulation :)

9.99 again, thank you, TJ Maxx... love this super minty therapy!

What products do you just love? Any deal-scoring strategies???

Do tell! Off to some spa time...;)

P.S. TJ Maxx, I love you. Please open some corporate offices in a warmer location than New England and I am so on board...


  1. Hello Miss Bliss!

    Oh you are a girl after my own heart...I adore TJMAXX! The best place ever and I'm heading over first thing tomorrow morning to check out mine and see if I can get my hands on some of your fabulous finds!

    Hope you are doing well and thank you for your sweet comment.

    Big hugs to you sweet lady!!


  2. TJ Maxx does have some deals! Hope you have had a good weekend!

  3. I love the beauty deals at TJ Maxx. I can't go in without looking to see what new goodies they have.

  4. I love bliss products! we have TK Maxx here and it always has great things, especially in the home dept. Have a sweet day! x

  5. TJ's always has the best deals- last week I found a TON of essie nailpolish, and they were really cute colors too- score!


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