Sunday, December 27

Your Best Holiday Yet: Colorado Getaway Update

Nederland, Colorado

"Ned" with snow-capped mountains peeking over...

Wintery "Ned"

After some snowy days, crisp blue skies...
we took this at the road by our "getaway"...

Pearl Street in downtown Boulder, CO on Christmas Eve

The "Flatirons"--Boulder's gorgeous daily backdrop...


We love it... it does remind this Miami girl of "Northern Exposure" this time of year!

Barefoot in the snow! Tulips proliferate here on Pearl Street in springtime...

Another Boulder tradition, and the cigar bar serves hot chocolate to the kids
after they skate...

A view from our canyon hideaway...

Mr. Wonderful picked this place out for us for our holiday... our 3rd Christmas.

The steps to our home away from home...


We are in Boulder, Colorado, and we are blissfully, joyfully, happy. The minute we began our descent into Colorado, we saw white-capped mountains, larger than your memory can hold, and pink glowing skies. Mr. Wonderful was even happier than I could remember, so happy to breathe in Colorado air. This 37 year old man was giddy with joy: our journey was just beginning. We boarded the bus, with no wait, from the airport, and road out among the mountains near the Denver airport, and the christmas lights, twinkling blue lights lining the road we both had traveled back and forth so many times, only 18 months earlier. Suddenly we were in the college town of Boulder, on Broadway, as if we had never been away. The Mac Shack…the fraternity houses, the Wild Oats-turned-Whole Foods.

Snow started the minute we arrived in the center of Boulder, and began our journey to the mountain lodge. The flakes thickened, and we walked from the canyon road down toward our home for the next week. The snow fell, over already snow-whitened road and ground, the skies pouring onto our world, something very dreamlike to our tropical sensibilities. As if in our own little snowglobe, we walked, forward into the dark road; the snow fell, illuminating our lodge and the path--the bridge lead us to our holiday hideaway. It seemed we were the only ones for miles; all we could hear was a creek, babbling away against its icy "roof". The snow kept falling all night and the next day,
a gentle coating of cold white beauty.

We had Christmas Eve in Boulder, and Christmas here in the Four Mile Canyon…Mr. W. made me lovely meals for which he had shopped and carried home to us only by bus and backpack…no rental car on this trip! Colorado’s public transportation is too good.

The 26th, we rode up to beautiful Nederland, surrounded by snow covered rocks and canyon walls that seemed to touch the Colorado blue sky. Layers of sunny blue sky froze at ice-coated rock, and the shadows protected snow down to the road.

In Nederland, we saw the frozen lake, and I remembered the first time I saw the expanse of Nederland at sunset--it was something beyond imagination. The glassy dark blue lake, the sky: its purples and pinks blending over the spring green, white-topped mountains. That day changed me…I learned life had beauty that could shock you, and heal you at the same time.

More to come…trip in progress!
pic 2 and 3, google images
all the rest are ours from the last few days ;)


  1. Sounds fab, and the pics are so beautiful! Enjoy your romantic getaway :-)

  2. Colorado looks lovely! My boyfriend goes climbing there so I think I'm going to have to come along one of these trips (no climbing for me though - afraid of heights). Glad you are having a great trip. Have a wonderful new year!

  3. how wonderful! I absolutely love Boulder. We lived in Colorado Springs for a few years, and I always wanted to be in Boulder instead.

    Have a happy New Year!!

  4. Oh how beautiful!!!
    Have a fabulous New Year:)


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