Wednesday, December 23

The Kindness of Strangers

Dear Friends,

This video and these young boys' voices truly tugged at my heart this morning.

You will see true beauty in their spirits. I hope you watch it... I think it is hope and love made visible.

The results will make you feel joyful too! It is making me think of times when the kindness of strangers has affected my own life....

Miss Bliss


  1. that was wonderful, truly what the season is all about~

  2. Powerful and beautiful. Thank you!

    A WONDERFUL and joyous day to you in Key West!

  3. Hi Linda and Blue Moon...

    Glad you liked it... I made my hubby watch it and I got tears in my eyes the second time... so touching!

    BTW, Linda... we are in Boulder for the holiday, but I am certainly in Key West in my heart!!!

  4. Um...yeah...Christmas brain a little? Colorado...not the Keys. You would have thought I had those drinks before coffee!! ;~P

  5. actually those drinks before coffee sounds like a good idea! that's my Christmas brain for you... ;)


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