Tuesday, December 22

Vacating the "Vacation" Home...Off to Colorado!

Breakfast at the airport...on our way to Colorado!!!

my holiday shirt!

Our breakfast view

Hello, Lovely Friends!

Mr. Wonderful and I are blogging from the Miami International Airport this morning... what a beautiful place for breakfast: Illy coffee with whipped cream and Valhrona cocoa in Terminal H/J and we are enjoying a wall of palm-treed windows onto the world... TAM Brasil plane with signatures all over the plane body, Air France, Air Canada... I love airports!

Miami traffic speeds along the highway in the backdrop; in front of us the airport employees are driving the luggage trucks and vans and walking around the runway...we are all waking up.

Classical holiday music plays in the background and planes lift off...

We are in high spirits after LAST NIGHT: our bartender/angel on earth at the Blue Moon made us buttery nipples, (good holiday drink... just like the butterscotch candies!) margaritas, and finally, chocolate covered grasshoppers to send us on to our holidays and travel this morning...our friend who was with us also drove us to the airport, and texted for coffee please on his way to get us... ; )

Mr. Wonderful is tres excited for the winter storm on a "collision course" with Colorado... we are going to get there just in time!

How are your holiday adventures so far???

Miss Bliss

P.S. Here's the trip update!


  1. Have fun! I love your holiday shirt.
    Have a great holiday and best wishes for the new year!

  2. Ok...you drank all those before breakfast?? Yikes!
    olorado...used to live there...enjoy the snow!

  3. Enjoy your Xmas trip!! Cool shirt - very festive!!

  4. Thanks! We are having soo much fun.

    okay, I meant we had our holiday celebration at the Blue Moon the night before! ;)

  5. So fun! Enjoy your time in CO, sweet friend. And Happy Holidays!


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