Friday, December 11

Orchids for your Viewing Pleasure :)

Ready for a little orchid therapy?
Join us on our visit to a proliferation of orchids...

my kind of place...

the selection left a little to be desired... JUST KIDDING...

These blooms remind me of little paint brush marks...

....maybe we need a greenhouse.....

very cheap therapy....

pick me, pick me!

pretty yellow and pink....

almost leopard print :)

does it get any prettier?

like the caterpillar about to spring into butterfly glory...

will they all fit in the car?

so many to see....

love this deep purple hue

and delicate deep red bloom

orchid fever....

more beauty!

just a couple blooms here...


so many lovely choices...

possibly my favorite shot!

do you see the SPIKY orchid? (up top)

Pick me!

Hope you enjoyed the orchid tour.... are orchids on your gift list
for you or someone you love?
For the orchid lover, one of my favorite books is "The Orchid Thief" by Susan Orlean, and it's also a film... or maybe plan a trip to Miami for
What's on your dream gift list this year? I think orchids are a great gift because they can last forever!


  1. So beautiful. I love orchids too! Happy weekend :-)

  2. Beautiful little tropical creatures...aren't they?

    I have a few in the trees outside...and one in my bathroom. Happily singing and blooming away!

  3. Orchids are the most amazing flowers. They're up there with snapdragons on my list of favorites!


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