Sunday, December 13

Surprise: Sock Monkey Ornament!

Today Mr. Wonderful and I checked our mail, and found a delightful surprise--my mom sent us a sock monkey ornament! It is our third holiday season together as a married time flies. I am so excited about our latest ornament... we were both so surprised and it is so cute! Sock monkeys were big at one point in our family with my younger sisters, so it's more than cute--- it even has sentimental value...

Sock monkeys would make a great holiday gift for kids, and they are so fun to make. On the sock monkey subject, did you see this...? It was in a Food Network Cake Challenge--- the sock monkey cake with sparklers... so funny!

Do you have a special ornament?


  1. This is our third Christmas too! What an adorable ornament!

  2. Your sock monkey ornament is adorable! That cake is amazing!!

    Have a wonderful week!

    Love and hugs,

  3. We let the kids pick out a new ornament every year and I love the tradition. (Big Sis's is a ballerina this yr.) We have a framed wedding pic ornament from our 1st Christmas (in 2002!) that's one of my faves, and I just blogged about my 2 new favorite ornaments!


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