Thursday, February 25

Lost at the Beaches!

The cutest lifeguard station...

sandy architects....

care to put your toes in this silky water?

welcome to my backyard...

how can you leave this perfection? so hard every time!
I have separation anxiety and I live here!

Bird Bath- Party?

Ready for a drink? Here is good!

Living architecture... you are always surprised.

You can wander off the beach and stop here to watch the cruise ships depart...

Put your feet up...

Perhaps stop by this oasis in the Keys...

Tiki umbrella...perfect spot for shade...

Enjoy the tropical sunset today...

and tomorrow... back to the beach!

Are you staying warm? Hope this warmed you up a bit if you needed it.

-Miss Bliss


  1. Well, now I just feel envious! Beautiful pics. I LOVE that lifeguard house.

  2. ummm...I'll need it tonight! 30 again...all my tropicals that died and were just coming back are going to be slapped down again. OY

    But....I do know it will all come around. This I know.

  3. I love the pictures! I've been craving the beach so bad lately but won't be going until the beginning of April. Enjoy it!

  4. oh thank you for the photos...we have tons of snow on the ground...and this helped me warm up a bit :)

  5. Great post! Isn't living in FL the best?!! Thanks for your sweet comment and have a super weekend. xx

  6. All right...that's it...i'm moving:)
    Great photographs!!

  7. Are you still living in paradise? Relaxing all day? Hope so! :)

  8. From florida myself and missing it. Fortunately, I am not too terribly far from a beach now, but to far just to pick up and go when I choose.
    The pictures of the beach even have a warm glow.
    For some of us the sand between our toes is a life long relationship!

  9. You've made me jealous! We're still waiting for summer to start in Vancouver. Love these pics! I have a thing for lifeguard stations too ;)


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