Monday, July 12

Phew! What a wild semester!

It is time to get back to the lazy days of Summer, and to the beach, and the toes in the sand. I have been actively taking classes since last may including working through Spring Break. I did get to enjoy some beach time at the American Meteorology Society Conference in Miami Beach.

This was the view from the AMS Conference.


  1. Hi, Mr. Wonderful...

    good to "see" you back here...

    love ya!
    Miss Bliss

  2. it's been such a long time!! are you back to blogging?

  3. We are coming to the end of a marathon year and after Friday I will be back to blogging and enjoying life; recharging for the Fall Semester. I got out today and it was so hot I was glad I had to study. Tonight though it smells like the ocean, SSE wind blowing across Miami Beach is wonderful.


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