Tuesday, December 21

Banish the flu/cold season!

Miss Bliss writes:

Mr. Wonderful and I have been really healthy in 2010. We took vitamin C a lot, and vitamin E, and fish oils with omegas, sometimes garlic pills or just extra garlic in our cooking.

I noticed
Linda is not feeling so hot and hope she feels better soon. I was pretty sidelined too, with a nasty flu/cold combo for two weeks or so this month. So, I took particular interest in The Doctor's "40 ways to fight flu/cold season."

We also really like Yogi Teas and Traditional Medicine Teas. They have some great echinacea teas and cold season teas, and sore throat teas, etc... I was thrilled to discover Vicks scented Puffs for this last round of whatever it was!

Hope you stay well and maybe one of these ideas helps!


Miss Bliss


  1. Oh its that time of year for puffs:)
    Happy Holidays...

  2. Just today my friend told me she was feeling sick -I'll have to tell her about your recommendations :)

  3. Oh...how I love those Puff's! I am still under...but WAAAY better.

    May you have a wonderful, cozy and healthy Christmas and bountiful and beautiful New Year!!!

  4. Thanks a bunch for your recommendation... It is really a great help this time of colds.


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