Monday, December 13

Three MORE good things...

My heart leaps with joy when I see these blue and gold bags of deliciousness: Ghirardelli coffee--chocolate caramel has been my current favorite the last few days. You can face almost anything with a fresh cup of Ghirardelli chocolate caramel coffee in your hand.

Dr. Hauschka's Toned Day Cream is my latest find in the skin/makeup department. I tried it on a recent visit to my South Beach Whole Foods--love that you can sample before committing--and found that it was a must have! It's a nice moisturizing base with color-- I put it on and felt great! Mr. Wonderful said that it "does my face some justice"... and he hates makeup.
I loved the instant color-glow and knowing it's doing something good for my skin, too. Thanks, Dr. Hauschka! We love the lip balm too--one of the only ways to survive if you are in Colorado dryness. I think the $40 or so isn't too bad because it should last a while. (the lip balm is about 15 and totally worth it!)
Finally, if you are fighting a cold/flu or just want some spa therapy, Aura Cacia Eucalyptus is a go-to! I've been adding it to my shower and letting the tub fill--I read somewhere to put it in the corners of your shower. I put it on the shower head and window, and suddenly, EUCALYPTUS THERAPY!
How have you been adding bliss to your daily life lately?
-Miss Bliss
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  1. hello miss bliss! glad you area back on the blogosphere. Thanks so much for following my blog and visiting. I might have to run and look for some Trina at my local TJ max thanks for the heads up.. Funny I just got that ghirardelli gift from a friend today.. love coffee love chocolate!

  2. Yep-- today I was at the South Beach TJ Maxx (again) and they had tons of Trina Turk swim suits!

  3. Miss Bliss, CANNOT wait to try the Ghiradelli coffee. May have to order it online but its worth it to put a bit of bliss in my life!

  4. yep, you will love this stuff. very good!

  5. I'll have to remember to try the eucalyptus next time I have a cold--fingers crossed that won't be for a while!

  6. I Love Dr Hauschka! Have a sweet day!


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