Monday, June 27

Salty Sunday Swim

Today we had a blissful swim in the salty tropical waters off Miami Beach. We are so lucky to be able to walk to the beach; Mr. Wonderful just finished his summer classes and it was time to hit the water.

We swam in the ocean as kids together; whenever we go in now as adults I have a flashback to that and we turn into kids in the water. We frolic, hug; waves crash over our heads and into our noses... we walk on sand and seaweed.

The clouds were thick so it wasn't too hot;
we had a good swim under wild tropical skies
...until my meteorologist spotted the lightning.

"Party's over?" I asked. "Party's over." he answered.

Not really, we went and people-watched on Ocean Drive.

Just another Sunday afternoon in South Beach. Wish you were here!
What were you up to this weekend?


  1. Oh that is one fine day spent on the beach...

    The image is so lovely, very inviting...

  2. hi! i LOVE miami, love it i tell you. we've vacationed there twice so far and i could absolutely live there, and you are a lucky duck for sure. though, i love on cape cod in mass. and am near amazing beaches as well, so i cannot complain! off to the beach now, as you saw in my post, have a great day yourself and i'm happy to discover your blog...(i used to own a chocolate shop!)

  3. i so love fl, its always fun fun fun!


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